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8 [Best] Inspirational & Motivational Movies Every Student Must Watch

Do You Often Get Your Study Mood Off ???

Don't Worry I, Will Give, You Some Movies List

Don't Waste Time
Lets Dive In,

1. Forrest Gump:

This movie will not only inspire the students but also for everybody. It will inspire in our life also.

This is the story of a low IQ student on how will he get huge success in many different fields.

He got medals, he became the richest man and he gets success in every field he enters.

2. Good Will Hunting:

This movie will inspire you to bring out your hidden talent.

3. Freedom Writers:

This is the inspirational movie of a young teacher and her struggle towards students to enlighten them.

You must watch if you often scolds your teachers.

4. Lean On Me:

This movie will inspire you if already fails and again wants to succeed.

Watch this movie to get the momentum in your study career.

5. The Paper Chase:

This is the best motivational movie to keep you on mood.

This movie is purely for college students, to keep them hardworking.

6. Stand And Deliver:

This is the story of a high school math teacher who teaches their students with some tricks.

I cannot say anything just watch above 3 min video.

7. The Imitation Game:

This movie is based on the real-life story of Alan Turing who is known as the Father of Modern Computer.

You will get some inspiration in difficult times and at what the times' the computer is invented.

This is a hidden story for many decades in real life.

You will get some scientific details on how the computer was invented at World War Time.

8. A Beautiful Mind:

This movie is also based on a real-life story of Noble Prize Winner Jhon Nash.

You will get shocked a real-life story has a huge twist.

This is not an inspirational movie but you will get to know about some beautiful scientists.

A must watch movie, but why I put this movie last on this list is, in my opinion, it cannot comes under motivational movies. 


Most of the movies I included in the above list are based on TRUE stories. Because you will know how they will get success and they are the things already happens in our world.

Then think one second, do you really face such huge problems? Compare your problems with them the real heroes...